Chicken Jerky 8 OZ - Chicken Breast

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Crude Protein (Min) 76%
Crude Fat (Max) 5%
Crude Fiber 0.6
Moisture 10.7
Calories (Kcal/kg) 3384

Ingredient: Chicken Breast

We treat our dogs like family, we know you do too. That’s why American Paws Chicken Jerky Treats use All-natural USA chicken breast as the only ingredient.  It’s the same high quality chicken breast you buy for your family.  Instead of being polluted with artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors, this mouthwatering Jerky delivers 79% protein and all the chewy and texture your dog craves.  To maintain all the yummy natural flavors American Paws uses a dehydration process instead of taking shortcuts by adding chemical preservatives. Our jerky is crafted in the USA. This delicious real meat treat will get your pup jumping for joy.

Frequently asked questions​

“In bulk” means it comes with a big general plastic food bag, “package” means it comes with a good looking package bag dog chicken jerky

If your total price is equal or above $29, there is no shipping fee! For orders below $29 we do charge a $4.5 shipping fee, that’s all.

YES, they are made and sourced in California.

YES, our chickens are all sourced from the US.

YES, they are all made with fresh meat from local meat producers, and they are all fresh cooked 1 or 2 days before shipping out.

You are right,  we recommend you to finish the treats within 2-3 month. Store them in a cold and try place.

You can change the quantity to 15, then click add to cart.

For breeder accounts, NO TAX, even if you are living in California.