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Why Chicken Jerky is the Best Treat for Your Dog

Feb 07, 2023

yu Liu

The benefits of jerky chews for dogs cannot be overemphasized. Many dog owners have come to realize that chicken jerky dog treats offer a healthier and safer alternative to rawhide chews. The process behind their processing include removal of fat from the chicken, grinding it, cutting into chewable strips, and dehydrating them. The essence of dehydration is to remove all moisture from the meat, which prevents the growth of bacteria that spoil the meat strips. Not only do jerky treats offer you pooch a savory delicacy, but they also have a longer shelf life.

Protein from Chicken Jerky is Healthy

chicken jerky for dog

Chicken jerky meals offer a supplementary dish to the diet of your dog. To live healthily, dogs depend on proteins. Most of the amino acids that their bodies need come solely from animal protein. Without these nutrients, there is a high likelihood for your canine companion to develop several chicken jerky symptoms that include dark, flaky skin, loss of appetite, poor development, weak immunity, and loss of weight. By treating your pup to tasty jerky strips, he will get the nutrients he requires to thrive. Furthermore, jerky dog meals are low in calories. Additionally, fat is removed from the meat, which reduces the calorie levels in the meal. High-protein, lean chews help build the pooch’s muscles while alleviating obesity.

Dental Hygiene

Jerky meals protect the dog’s teeth by preventing the development of plaque and build-up of tartar. Because all moisture is removed from the chicken, jerky treats become tough and gummy. Due to that, dogs have to gnaw on the dehydrated chicken strips. That process helps significantly in the removal of plaque and accumulation of tartar. With continuous feeding, the canines become clean and hygienic.

Limitless Shape and Size Options

Jerky meals for dogs come in a large selection of shapes and sizes. That’s good news for dog owners because they can choose the one that meets the chewing ability and size of the pet. If you plan to offer jerky to your Fido as a regular meal, then you may want to purchase the products in a relatively larger quantity. For occasional treats, you should buy a smaller portion of it.

Fresh Chicken Jerky

Fresh chicken jerky dog treats provide the healthiest meals for your pooch. Dog lovers need to purchase raw organic chicken meat from the market. It is critical to freeze the meat to make it tender and easy to cut. After removing the fat, cut with the grain to make it easy to chew. Place the strips in a tray and bake them under a 200-degree heat for about 2 hours until they are crispy and crunchy. Once they cool, feed them to the dog.

Choosing the Safest Jerky Chews

The healthiest and safest snack/food for dogs is chicken jerky made in the USA. You must buy the safest, healthiest, and quality chicken jerky from a reputable manufacturer in the US. Offering anything else may present digestion problems and toxicity to the dog. Further, giving the pooch human jerky is dangerous. Human jerky has ingredients that may harm the Fido. The FDA cautions pet owners to avoid jerky made in China, following cases of deaths and illnesses among dogs in 2017. That occurred after a 2012 warning by the FDA that dog meals from China were not safe. The next time you purchase chicken jerky dog chews, ensure it is manufactured in the US.

Dogs love it when they are given chicken jerky, especially after doing a good deed. The meal is rich in amino acids that help in bodybuilding. Furthermore, jerky protect the dog’s canines as they prevent the growth of tartar and plaque. However, it is essential to ensure that you only purchase dog chews from a US manufacturer to ensure safety and quality products.